Daqan Garlic Breast Lifting Cream for women


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Daqan Garlic Breast Lifting Cream Breast Cream for women 120gm

This breast lifting cream is made of high quality material. 100% safe for body and skin, without side effects.

Garlic breast enlargement cream can help women enlarge the bust if long time use. make the saggy breast become lifted up, firm and elastic.
How to use:
Apply on the breast in each morning and evening. massage slightly about 20-30 minutes. Persist in using it for 2 week to tack effect. To promote the blood circulation and reinforce the underprops in breast. improve the skin elasticity. stretch the fibre connective tissue. Besides, arousing the mammary lobule to grow, and regulate the autacoide-lactogen to secrete enough. and improve the flat breasts to healthy growth. repeating, spur to absorb the nutrition vegetal based protein. so as to form thick muscle fat tissue, to make the slack and droopy breast to plump. firm elastic and shape your breast round. and beautiful in a natural look.


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